Mata Sharbani Trust

Mata Sharbani Trust

Annual Report (2011-2012)

As Mata Sharbani Trust completes its sixteenth year, we take a solemn vow on this occasion to rededicate ourselves for the development of humanity, through inward and outward upliftment. Our motto of enhancing spiritual and humanitarian goals, reviving the cultural heritage in ever-changing times, spreading the message of unity and eternal Truth, providing relief to the needy and poor, assisting people with educational / medical support and creating essential infrastructure for charitable service, remain in place. Spreading the message of unity of spiritual paths through practice of Brahmavidya as a means to attain self-realization, publication of books on Indological themes, cassettes / CDs, study of Sanskrit and bhajan through regular classes, teaching of yoga as a means for good health, maintenance of a library of rare books, holding of cultural events on traditional Indological themes, spiritual discourses during auspicious occasions, satsang with saints and sadhus, distribution of relief materials including clothes, blankets, food and medicine to the poor, educational support to the needy, providing drinking water facilities and other support for development of adjoining rural areas, supporting similar organizations working especially for the well-being of forsaken women and orphaned children, are some of the regular activities of our Trust. Important ongoing infrastructure development works include continued construction of the Self-Realization Centre-cum-Cultural Complex inside the main Trust premises and the Bhakta Nivas and Annapurna Kshetra inside Plaza Housing area of Shibrampur. In addition to the main Akhanda Mahapeeth premises at Shibrampur, Kolkata, the Trust now has three other centres in Varanasi, Puri and Nabadwip from where it carries out charitable and welfare activities. The Sarada-Ramakrishna Shishu O Mahila Sevashram, an orphanage cum residential school in the village of Marjada (Hotor), located on the outskirts of the city of Kolkata, is now an associate organization that is constantly supported by Mata Sharbani Trust in several ways. We highlight below some of the important activities that were carried out during the period April 2011 to March 2012.

Several charitable activities were carried out during this period. These include free distribution of clothes, blankets, etc. on occasions like Navaratri, Deepavali and Sree Sree Sarada Maa's birth anniversary, in presence of members of the local Panchayat body. Aids amounting several lakh of rupees were spent for the purpose of charitable activities (free medical, education, relief works, free distribution of clothes for the poor and needy, road repair, etc.) Construction of a deep tube well was taken up at the Hotor premises of Sarada Ramakrishna Shishu O Mahila Sevashram to alleviate the drinking water problem of the resident children and destitute women staying in that premises. The Trust undertook repair work on “kutchcha” roads inside the Plaza Housing area. Educational aids were distributed amongst children of the local Anganwari Centre and to the children of the Sarada Ramakrishna Shishu-o-Mahila Sevashram. Donation and support to Sarada Ramakrishna Shishu-o-Mahila Sevashram were extended in the form of cash or kind. Devotees and followers of Sree Sree Maa as well as other willing and noble-minded persons were requested to donate for this noble cause. A request for donations was forwarded to several well wishers by the kind courtesy of our Trustees and other devotees. Many good-hearted persons have come forward with their donations and these funds are being used by Hotor Sevashram for their development activities and infrastructure.

The basement hall of the Spiritual-cum-Cultural-Complex continues to be used for Kriya sadhana, yoga practice, music and Sanskrit classes and houses the Library. Construction of the Self-Realization Complex is going on in stages and is expected to be completed in a couple of years. The inner arena of the complex is now operational and is used for satsangs, sadhana related discourses and various cultural functions. The Bhakta Nivas and Annapurna Kshetra work is ongoing and is expected to start functioning after its inauguration on December 7th and 8th, 2012 after which seva work will begin there. The library of the Trust currently houses more than 2000 books with 138 active members. The library fees have been slightly increased. The Ashram unit at Nabadwip requires renovation for activities to commence and initial plans for the same have been initiated. The activities are continuing there under the stewardship of Sri Dayananda Giri Maharaj. Swami Gurudas Ashram now regularly looks after the Varanasi unit, maintaining regular service activities there. The Puri unit is visited at regular intervals for carrying out donations and other charitable activities there. Significant renovation work was taken up during the year for maintenance of various Trust premises. Solemn observance of Buddha Purnima, Sree Sree Maa's birth anniversary, Guru Purnima, Janmastami, Navaratri festival, Deepavali festival, 3rd anniversary of the Coronation day of the Gurumaharajas, Holi and several others, were performed, as performed every year. All these events were solemnized with spiritual discourses, free distribution of food, and a dance drama and participation of the children of Hotor Sevashram during Coronation Day celebrations. A new activity has been started by our Trust to propagate awareness and knowledge, on the rich philosophical and spiritual inheritance of our country, amongst the devotees of Sree Sree Maa, who pursue sadhana. The first discourse of this series was held on the Akshay Tritiya Day (2011). Three such lectures were held during the year.

Two Bengali books, namely ‘Sakhya Shiromoni Sri Sri Abhiram Leelamrita’ and ‘Abishmaraniya Sree Sree Maa Sharbani’ containing anecdotes of the holy deeds of Sree Sree Maa since her early years and her spiritual interactions with several great saints and savants of India, were published during the year. A Hindi translation of ‘Brahmanjali Part 1’ was also published. Four issues of the journal Hiranyagarbha were released during the year with special issues on Adi Shankaracharya, Badri Vishal incarnate Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj and Sri Ramanujacharya. Several renowned artists gave voluntary performances in the Ashram. The Bhagwat Katha of Sri Rajeshwarananda-ji has become a regular and well appreciated feature. He invited Sree Sree Maa as Honoured Chief Guest during his Ram Katha programme in Kolkata.

We were blessed with visits of other noted saints and savants to the Ashram during the year. Sree Sree Gnananandamoyee Maa, a sadhvi aged more than 90 years, of Mahashakti Sevashram of Sonarpur, Dist. 24 Parganas (South) visited us. A satsang was held in her honour at our premises. Our Chairperson also paid a return visit to her Ashram which operates a free school and health-care centre. A wonderful satsang was also held there where Sree Sree Maa deliberated on the principles of meditation and human services. Other notable saints who have close connections with our Ashram and work, graced the Trust premises. These included Swami Hiranmoyananda-ji, Sri Sri Sivananda Baba of Varanasi, Sri Sri Mouni Taat Baba of Pushkar, Sree Gautam Dharmapal, etc. Regular sadhu visitors, who are our own brethren, came to Akhanda Mahapeeth, including Sufi Sadhak Sk Imtiaz Ali Jonab, Kriya Yogi Sri Dayananda Giri Maharaj, Sri Gurudas Ashram and the centurion sadhu Sri Gobindadas Udasi Baba. Our Chairperson and other Trust members and volunteers visited Hotor and Nabadwip on several occasions in connection with Trust activities. Visits were also made to Varanasi and Puri for various kinds of charitable work.

On behalf of the Trust, we pay our humble homage to Sree Sree Tara Maa (Late Tararani Chakraborty), the founder of the Sarada Ramakrishna Mahila o Shisu Sevashram of Marjada village (Hotor) in 24 Parganas (South), who passed away during this period. She was a disciple and devotee of Sree Sree Maa and one of our beloved members. The Trust recalls with reverence the great sacrifice of this lady and the devotion and dedication with which she had established and operated this orphanage for almost half a decade. She had requested our Chairperson to help to run her Sevashram and that pious wish is now being taken up by our Trust. We also remember the passing away of Smt Bharati Basu, who was one of the earliest devotees of Sree Sree Maa and our ever smiling elder sister. We recall with gratitude the dedicated service that she had rendered to the Trust for years together.

Shri Raj Kumar Daga, Chartered Accountant, was retained as Auditor. The Trust accounts for FY 2011-12 were audited by Shri Raj Kumar Daga and duly approved by the Trustees. Donors who desire to have a look at the account statement may kindly contact the Joint Secretaries or Treasurer of the Trust.

With the grace and guidance of the Supreme Divine, Sree Sree Maa, patrons and well-wishers, we hope to continue serving mankind with dedication and devotion. We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all donors, devotees and volunteers for their dedication and selfless efforts in helping our mission to succeed.

Shri Siddhartha Nandi & Swami Sadasivananda,
Trustees and Joint Secretaries,
Mata Sharbani Trust
Akhanda Mahapeeth, Plaza Housing (Jagannathpur)
PO. Ashuti, Shibrampur, 24 Parganas (S)
West Bengal 700141, India
November 25, 2012

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