Mata Sharbani Trust

Mata Sharbani Trust

Annual Report (2009-2010)

Mata Sharbani Trust, founded on the supreme spiritual realization of the Holy Mother, Sree Sree Maa, the Chairperson of the Trust, works towards strengthening our spiritual and cultural heritage, spreading the message of unity and eternal Truth, providing relief to the needy, assisting people with educational / medical support and creating infrastructure for development. The practice of self-realization through Kriya Yoga, publication of books, music cassettes / CDs, study of Sanskrit and music through regular classes, teaching of Yoga as a means for good health and prevention / cure from ailments, maintenance of a library of books, holding of cultural events, satsang with saints and sadhus, distribution of clothes, blankets, food and medicine in poor and calamity prone areas, educational support, providing drinking water facilities and general infrastructural upliftment of rural areas form some of the regular activities of the Trust. Important ongoing infrastructure development works include next phase of construction of the Self-Realization Centre-cum-Cultural Complex and the Bhakta Niwas in Shibrampur. In addition to the main Akhanda Mahapeeth premises at Shibrampur, Kolkata, the Trust now has two other centres in Varanasi and Puri from where it carries out charitable and welfare activities. We highlight below some of the important activities that were carried out in the year 2009-10 during the period April 2009 to March 2010.

The Bengali book Unmesh and the CD Murli were published during the year. ISBN numbers for all published books have been obtained. Four issues of the journal Hiranyagarbha was released during the year. Several cultural events and satsang were carried out throughout the year, particularly on some special occasions like celebration of the first Anniversary of 'Avishekam' of the Guru Maharajas in the Self-Realization-cum-Cultural Complex, Guru Purnima, Janmashtami, Holi, Navrarti, Diwali, etc. Several renowned artists gave voluntary performances in the Ashram. These included Dhrupad Singer Srimati Ashoka Dhar along with her son Rishav Dhar (on Pakhwaj) and daughter-in-law (Sayantani Dhar), Doordarshan artist Jayashri Roychoudhury, Shri Aurobinda Chakraborty (a favourite devotee singer of Sri Sri Baba) and disciples of Sri Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari-jee. The Bhagwat Katha of Sri Rajeshwarananda-ji left us mesmerized. We were blessed with visits of saints like Swami Hiranmoyananda-jee, Sri Sri Sivananda Baba of Varanasi, Sri Sri Taat Baba of Pushkar, and Sri Gurudev Ashram and Sri Manishananda-ji, both from Uttar Kashi. Sree Sree Maa visited Sri Sailong Baba (Sri Sri Narottamdas-jee) and other sadhus at his Sailong Ashram in Keonjhar during her return from Puri. The great saint, Sri Sri Sivananda Baba of Varanasi, expressed his desire to worship Sree Sree Maa as the Divine Mother on January 1st 2010. On that day, a large number of devotees of both the great souls witnessed the rare event. Another memorable event, namely the 100th birthday of Udasi Baba (Sri Sri Gobindadas Udasi) was celebrated in the Ashram. The Trust deeply mourned the sad passing away of the great saint Sri Sri Babathakur, a great self-realized saint and one who constantly supported and encouraged the works of the Trust.

Special events were held wherein about 150 poor and destitute children of Sarada-Ramakrishna Mahila O Shishu Sevasharam, an orphanage cum residential school in the village of Hotor located on the outskirts of the city of Kolkata, were provided gifts and educational material, on two occasions, in addition to prasad. Little children associated with a local organization were invited to the Ashram on several occasions for prasad and other support. New clothes were donated to more than 1000 poor people of the locality and new blankets were distributed free to more than 300 people of the local Panchayat area during the year. Under supervision of Sadhvi Mata Suchetanandamayi, Sadhvi Punyanandamayi and others, relief-aid including garments, food, etc. were distributed among the people of Kumirmari village of Sundarbans devastated by the cyclone Aila. Later, 300 more blankets were again sent for the people of Kumirmari village during winter. Sree Sree Maa visited the Puri Ashram where she arranged for seva of poor people through distribution of prasad, clothes, etc. Two new tube wells were constructed within Ashuti -2 Gram Panchayat area during the year to alleviate acute drinking water problem in those areas. The Trust continues to maintain several designated street lights inside the Plaza Housing Complex and refurbishes the local roads. Educational and medical assistance are being continuously granted to the eligible and deserving cases, especially the poor people. The basement hall of the Spiritual-cum-Cultural-Complex has become a vibrant hub for Kriya sadhana, Yoga practice, music and Sanskrit classes and houses the Library.

Shri Raj Kumar Daga, Chartered Accountant was retained as Auditor. The Trust accounts have been duly approved by the Trustees and audited by Shri Raj Kumar Daga. Donors who desire to have a look at the accounts statement may kindly contact the Joint Secretaries or Treasurer of the Trust.

With the blessings and guidance of the Supreme Divine, Sree Sree Maa, patrons and well-wishers, we hope to serve the humanity with dedication and devotion. We thank all donors, devotees and volunteers for their selfless efforts in helping our mission.

Shri Siddhartha Nandi & Swami Sadasivananda,
Trustees and Joint Secretaries,
Mata Sharbani Trust
Akhanda Mahapeeth, Plaza Housing (Jagannathpur)
PO. Ashuti, Shibrampur, 24 Parganas (S)
West Bengal 700141, India
October 31, 2010

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