Mata Sharbani Trust

Mata Sharbani Trust

Annual Report (2008-2009)

The work of Mata Sharbani Trust is founded on the supreme spiritual realization of the holy Mother, Sree Sree Maa, the Chairperson of the Trust. The principal activities include promotion and strengthening the spiritual and cultural heritage of India, spreading the message of oneness, providing relief to the poor and needy and helping people with educational and medical support. The spiritual practice of self-realization through Kriya Yoga, publication of books, music cassettes / CDs, study of Sanskrit and music through regular classes, teaching of Yoga as a means for good health and cure for medical ailments, maintenance of a library of books on spiritual and Indological topics, holding of cultural events, satsang with saints and sadhus, distribution of clothes, blankets, food and medicine in poor and calamity prone areas, educational support, providing drinking water facilities and general infrastructural upliftment of rural areas form some of the current activities of the Trust. An important on-going activity is the development of the Self-Realization Centre-cum-Cultural Complex within the Akhanda Mahapeeth premises of the Trust at Shibrampur. This, on completion, is expected to be a centre for spreading the universal message of self-realization that has been propounded by Sree Sree Maa as well as other great saints from their own realizations. Apart from the Holy Mother and Trustees, the activities are carried out through the selfless services of a set of monks, other permanent residents of the Ashram and most importantly by a large number of dedicated devotees of Sree Sree Maa and well-wishers of the Trust. In addition to the main Akhanda Mahapeeth premises at Shibrampur, Kolkata, the Trust now has two other centres in Varanasi and Puri from where it carries out charitable and welfare activities. We highlight below some of the important activities that were carried out in the year 2008-9 during the period April 2008 to March 2009.

The following books were published during the year: Bodhoday (Bengali), Prakash, Part IV (Bengali), Prakash, Part II (Hindi), Sree Sree Maa — My Eternal Divine Mother, Part I (English) and Brahma O Brahmashakti (Oriya). CD versions of some older cassettes were published. Four regular issues of the journal entitled Hiranyagarbha was published during the year. Formal registration under RNI, Govt. of India, has been obtained in favour of Hiranyagarbha. Postal registration for the same has been applied for. The Trust has applied for allotment of ISBN numbers for all our published books and journals, including reservation of additional ISBN numbers for future publications and has obtained two sets of such numbers. The Trust participated in Kolkata Book Fair and Geeta Jayanti Festival by displaying its publications.

The inner hall of the Self-Realization Centre-cum-Cultural Complex was completed and inaugurated in January 2009 during the Gayatri Mahayagna programmes held in Akhanda Mahapeeth premises of Shibrampur. Here the Guru Maharajas have been enthroned for devotees to pay their respects. Subsequently this hall is now used regularly for meetings and programmes. During this period, Shri Prakash Sinha, the Secretary of the Trust, was initiated into monkhood by Sree Sree Maa and he was christened as Swami Sanvedananda ("sanyas name"). On the same day, two Brahmacharinis of the Sarada Ramkrishna (Sishu-o-Mahila) Sevashram of Hotor village (in District 24 Parganas South) were initiated into monkhood by Sree Maa. Brahmacharini Sandhya Das was christened as Sadhvi Suchetanandamoyee and Brahmacharini Pujarini was christened as Sadhvi Punyanandamoyee. Miss Ruma and Sri Jagyanarayan Mukherjee were imparted Bharmacharya.

Swami Sanvedananda, Sadhvi Punyanandamoyee and Sadhvi Suchetanandamoyee after sannyas initiation

Guru Maharaj Asana at Akhanda Mahapeeth Ashram

Distribution of educational material by Swami Sadasivananda

Other than the Gayatri Mahayagna and inauguration of the main hall of the Self-Realization Centre-cum-Cultural Complex, several cultural events and satsang were carried out throughout the year, particularly on some special occasions like Guru Purnima, Janmashtami, Holi, Navrarti, Diwali, etc. A special celebration was taken up to mark the advent anniversary of our beloved Sree Sree Maa on the auspicious day of Snan Yatra in 2008. Like the previous year, this year too, the event was a huge success and more than 800 people attended. About 150 poor and destitute children of Sarada-Ramakrishna Mahila O Shishu Sevasharam, an orphanage cum residential school in the village of Hotor located on the outskirts of the city of Kolkata, were the special guests. Each child was handed gifts of educational material for their studies from the Trust. A short cultural festival was held where the Hotor children also participated. Well known singer and devotee Shrimati Poornima sang devotional songs on the occasion.

The second floor of the Ashram building was completed during the year. Significant repair work including roof treatment was carried out in the Main Spiritual Complex, including domes to arrest the water leakage. The basement hall which was opened earlier is used for Kriya sadhana, Yoga and Sanskrit classes. A new programme of Yoga classes is being conducted by devotee and renowned Yoga teacher and head of Yoga-Cure Institute, Shrimati Rooma De and her team. Sanskrit classes are conducted by Dr Uday Banerjee, Professor of Sanskrit in Behala College, while the music classes are conducted by Sree Sree Maa herself. The spiritual library has also been shifted to the basement hall.

It was noted that the deep wells constructed by the Trust for the benefit of the poor and needy, have been functioning smoothly and the local people are happy about the same. One more new tube well will be constructed the next financial year. The Trust distributed about 800 new clothes (sari, dhuti, lungi, etc) on the occasion of Navaratri and Deepavali festivals in 2008. The Trust again distributed about 300 new blankets on the occasion of inauguration of the main hall of the Complex. In view of the extremely poor condition of the roads inside Plaza Housing complex owing to rains and unfinished construction of the drain by government authorities, the Trust took up major refurbishing of the roads. The Trust continues to maintain, several designated street lights inside Plaza Housing Complex and makes payment for the same to CESC. Educational and medical aids are being continuously granted to the eligible and deserving cases, especially the poor people.

The Trust was gifted a total of 8 (eight) kattahs of land in the vicinity of the Trust, by two devotees of Sree Sree Maa. This will be used for building of the Bhakta Niwas and Annapurna Temple, plans for which have been sanctioned by the local Panchayat. The Trust also acquired 4 (four) kattahs of land, near the Trust premises, to help in carrying out the functioning of the Trust. The trust has procured 2 (two) katths of land at Sukchar (Ashram Para) near the Ganga for construction of a small temple cum residential abode of monks.

Sree Sree Maa and Sri Sri Ramkripalu Maharaj (right) with Sri Sri Mauni Baba (left) at his Haridwaar Ashram

Sri Rajeswarananda-ji at Akhanda Mahapeeth Ashram

Sree Sree Maa at Shri Gautam and Shrimati Gauri Dharmapal's residence

It was noted that our Chairperson, Sree Sree Maa and other Trustees visited Rajasthan to meet eminent saints and savants like Sri Sri Alwar Baba, Sri Sri Taat Baba, Swami Narayan Das (at Charbhuja Gomti), etc. She also visited Sri Sri Shiva Teja Baba at Hyderabad. A visit was made to Varanasi, Haridwar and Rishikesh to meet Sri Ram Kripalu Maharaj of Bharat Milap Ashram in Rishikesh, Sri Sri Mouni Taat Baba (Sri Gurudeva of Sri Sri Taat Baba) at Haridwar, and Swami Prakashananda in Rishikesh. The trustees also visited Sarada Ramkrishna (Sishu-o-Mahila) Sevashram of Hotor village (in District 24 Parganas South) during their annual foundation day. Sree Sree Maa was respectfully invited by revered personalities Shri Gautam and Shrimati Gauri Dharmapal to their residence in Kolkata to grace the occasion of Saraswati Puja. This place was sanctified by the great saint Sri Anirvan who spent his last days here. In The Trustees recall with reverence visits by spiritual personalities, namely Sri Sri Taat Baba of Pushkar, Sri Dharmanand Saraswati (Mouni Baba of Bhubaneswar), Sri Gopal-ji Maharaj and others from Sachcha Baba Ashram of Allahabad, Sri Rajeswarananda-ji of Vrindavan, Swami Hiranmoyananda-ji of Bharat Sevashram Sangh, Shri Kamala Mataji and many others. In particular, Sri Sri Taat Baba, the great reticent sage, spent several days at our Trust premises and blessed all inmates of our Trust and the invitees through his holy presence. Sri Rajeswarananda-ji spent a delightful evening with us and regaled the audience through his spiritual discourses and devotional songs.

The Trust deeply mourned the sad demise of Shri Gajanan Shukla, one of the earliest devotees of Sree Sree Maa in the realm of Kriya Yoga. His dedicated services to the Trust since its inception days, is fondly remembered by the members.

Shri Prakash Sinha (Swami Sanvedananda) had expressed his desire verbally some time past to discontinue from the services of Joint Secretary of our Trust to devote more time for pursuit of spiritual purposes. Subsequently, his resignation was accepted and the incumbent Treasurer, Swami Sadasivananda has taken over the role of Joint Secretary in his place. Dr Barun Dutta has been appointed the new Treasurer of Mata Sharbani Trust. Swami Sanvedananda continues to be a member of the Trust.

The 80G Certificate issued to the Trust has been renewed by the Government authorities upto the year 2011-12. Shri Raj Kumar Daga, Chartered Accountant was retained as Auditor. The Trust accounts have been duly approved by the Trustees and audited by Shri Raj Kumar Daga. Donors who desire to have a look at the accounts statement may kindly contact the Joint Secretaries or Treasurer of the Trust.

Several initiatives for public charity and other activities related to the objectives and principles of the Trust are planned in the coming year. With the blessings and guidance of the Supreme Divine and Sree Sree Maa, we hope to serve the public with zeal and devotion. We thank all donors, devotees and volunteers for their selfless efforts in helping our mission.

Shri Siddhartha Nandi & Swami Sadasivananda,
Trustees and Joint Secretaries,
Mata Sharbani Trust
Akhanda Mahapeeth, Plaza Housing (Jagannathpur)
PO. Ashuti, Shibrampur, 24 Parganas (S)
West Bengal 743352, India
September 13, 2009

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